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Author: Rui Verde
ISBN: 978-989-8325-70-9
Published: December/2022


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Author: Rui Costa Pinto
ISBN: 978-989-95965-9-7
Published: May/2019


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«All kinds of censorship seem monstrosities to me,
something rather worse than murder.
Any attack on thoughts
is a crime against the soul»


  Gustave Flaubert
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4 years of contemplation


Author: Ana Gomes
ISBN: 978-989-95786-6-1
Published: November/2008


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This book is a collection of texts published over the last four years on Afghanistan, China, the USA, Europe, Iraq, UNO and East Timor, as well as on key issues: ties between Europe and Africa, the Guantánamo prison, the Middle East, women and politics, the nuclear threat, global security, terrorism and countless other topics closely followed by the Author whilst working for the European Parliament.In her intense activity as Member of the European Parliament, she doesn’t confine herself to the corridors of Brussels and Strasbourg. She doesn’t just say things off the top of her head; she actually gets onto the field: she is constantly on the go, travelling from continent to continent, through countries marked by war, hunger, underdevelopment and oppression.Twenty-eight years of diplomatic experience, including four as Portuguese Ambassador in Jakarta, provide the author with a personal view on the major international debates, never overlooking Portugal’s position in them.

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Author: Joaquim Gomes
ISBN: 978-989-8325-57-0
Published: June/2017


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