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Maddie129 (English version)

Maddie129 (English version)
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Author: Hernâni Carvalho e Luís Maia
Published: April/2008
Colection: MAIS NET
Publisher: RCP Edições

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The doubts and the suspicions still remain after Maddie’s disappearance. And the mystery too. The better way to evaluate ‘Maddie129' is to acknowledge the good and the bad opinions.


November 12, 2007 - Transcripts

John ROBERTS: The disappearance of Madeleine McCann is once again the buzz of Great Britain. A new book is raising new questions about the little girl's disappearance and the stories that her parents and their friends later told police. CNN's Emily Chang is live at our international update desk in London with more. Good morning to you.

Emily CHANG, CNN Correspondent: Good morning, John. This case has aroused so much emotion, rumor and speculation, it is saturating media coverage. Publishers say it was inevitable that books would be written about Madeleine McCann and this will be the first of many.


Emily CHANG, (voice over): For six months her face has haunted headlines around the world. Now the first book about missing Madeleine McCann is making headlines of its own.

LUIS MAIA, CO-AUTHOR, "MADDIE 129": This book is mainly about doubts, about contradictions. Contradictions implicate lives.

Emily CHANG: Meet the authors of "Maddie 129." Two Portuguese journalists who have been covering the case from the beginning. One hundred and twenty-nine, the number of days Madeleine was missing before her parents left Portugal and returned to their home to England after Portugese police named them official suspects in the case. The book raises questions about Kate and Gerry McCann, the friends they dined with the night Madeleine disappeared, and inconsistencies in their stories.

HERNÂNI CARVALHO, CO-AUTHOR, 'MADDIE 129': Speaking with the police, each one of them told different versions about the same fact.

Emily CHANG: Portuguese police say they've sent letters to at least some of the McCann's friends requesting new interviews. The McCann's family spokesperson insists the couple would never do anything to harm Madeleine and blasted the book for suggesting otherwise.

CLARENCE MITCHELL, MCCANN FAMILY SPOKESMAN: We think it's a great shame that anybody may be trying to make some money out of the situation. These books are being rushed out in time for Christmas and I think you can see perhaps the motive for them.

Emily CHANG: Critics say the book offers no groundbreaking theories but merely fuels the constant speculation about the case. What we do know is, six months after her disappearance, no one's been charged and Madeleine's fate remains a mystery.



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If the reader is expecting a work where a public indictment is made or a plot against somebody is schemed, then this is not the right book to buy.

When accepting the challenge posed by the editors, we immediately envisaged it only as a journalistic work, easy to read, without any literary, academic, police-related or erudite expectations.

It is only the publication, in the form of a book, of a long journalistic work. Whether mediocre or sufficient, it is for the reader to assess, as we do every day with the material published in the media, when we earn our daily bread.

Beyond doubt, as in any other journalistic work, nothing can stir us. And it is on doubt that we base our approach. Precisely because today the Maddie case still remains a strange and intricate mystery.



1. English version by Vasesa Cresevich.

2. 14th May, 2007.

4. Book dedication.

6. Table of Contents.




22. Information, money and power

31. Clues and presumable kidnappers.

40. The Good Samaritan?Alleged paedophile?Indicted!

48. Has anybody else seen Maddie?


67. Searching for the truth, but which truth?

72. Back to the night of 3rd May

75. "They have taken her"

87. What about the hours?

94. Contradictions continue to appear

98. Road to perdition

103. In peace with the LordX.


111. Neglect

115. Strange suspicions

128. Four of the McCann’s return home



195. VOWS




He was born in Lisbon, in 1960. Journalist, he was known to the great public through reports he signed from East-Timor and the Afghanistan, works that brought along the recognition of his peers, who granted him the two greater rewards of journalism in Portugal. He is journalist-auditor of National Defense. For the public network, he has produced reports of war in Bosnia, Honduras, Timor, Ghana, Pakistan and Afghanistan. He has made a little of everything, from agenda service to great features. He has integrated the teams Ponto por Ponto, 24 Horas, Histórias da Noite and Telejornal, being dedicated to the areas of Defense and Home Administration. He sets out in 2003 to publish news articles in O Independent, Sábado e Correio da Manhã. He returns to the television through the door of SIC, where he signs police chronicles in the morning programs. Later, he accepted an invitation to set up a publishing project in Angola, but he quickly understands to have fallen in a hoax. In early 2007, at the invitation of Jose Eduardo Moniz, he returns to the TV. For TVI, he signs the chronicle Crime, he says, co-operates with the editorial staff and several programs of the network. With a degree in Psychology, he made further studies in the area of Sciences of Religion. He is married and has two children. He owns the professional card of journalist nr. 2371.


At an age of thirty one, he admits owing to his profession some of the best experiences of his life. Journalist since 1999, he started in the television. From feeling rivers of sweat under the burning heat of the Sahara, to the almost paralyzing coldness of the Alps, he has reported a little of everything in the twenty countries where has already been in reporting task. No more than eight years of work were enough to have interviewed so different people as Jorge Sampaio, António Guterres, Claudia Schiffer, Paulo Coelho or Rui Costa, among many others. Disciplined and rigorous, he accepts challenges as a football player in a final. In the British press, he works for the Football Business, the Racing Post and the ALONE Fisher's Travel. Started in RTP, then TVI, has been in the diary 24 Horas, then moved to the morning programs of SIC and returned to TVI, where he is reporter of the program Você na TV! teaming up with Hernâni Carvalho in Crime, Disse Ele. A bachelor, he grew up between Sesimbra and Seixal. Took a degree in Social Communication in the Superior Institute of Social and Policy Sciences. Owns the professional card of journalist nr. 4875.

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