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Author: Rui Verde
ISBN: 978-989-8325-70-9
Published: December/2022


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CIA 'Secret' Flights - Behind the Shame

Author: Rui Costa Pinto
ISBN: 978-989-95965-0-4
Published: November/2008


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«All kinds of censorship seem monstrosities to me,
something rather worse than murder.
Any attack on thoughts
is a crime against the soul»


  Gustave Flaubert
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Corruption and the Portuguese – Attitudes, Practices and Values

Author: Luís de Sousa e João Triães (Partic. António Pedro Dores Carlos Jalali José Magone)
ISBN: 978-989-95786-3-0
Published: October/2008


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What do citizens think of corruption? How do they view the fight against corruption and their own contribution to this fight? What factors increase or diminish the perception of corruption? What is the impact of education on individuals’ perception of corruption? Just how important is corruption in relation to other topics?

These are some of the issues undertaken by five university researchers based on the response of Portuguese citizens within the scope of an in-depth scientific research paper financed by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia under the name of “Corrupção e Ética em Democracia: O Caso de Portugal” (“Corruption and Ethics in Democracy: The Case of Portugal”).

This analysis of one of the most important phenomena of the present time, illustrated with examples and results of national and international studies, further includes a reflection on the role and effects of the media in the fight against corruption.

The Portuguese condemn corruption in the form of bribes or extortion, yet they tolerate its greyer aspects. Are we the country that ‘pulls strings’?

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José Sócrates - The men and the political leader (Biography)

Author: Rui Costa Pinto
ISBN: 978-989-95965-5-9
Published: October/2009


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The true story of the Portuguese Prime-Minister. An unauthorized biography of the political, partisan, student and professional life of José Sócrates.

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