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Author: Rui Verde
ISBN: 978-989-8325-70-9
Published: December/2022


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Author Edition

Author: Rui Costa Pinto
ISBN: 978-989-95965-9-7
Published: May/2019


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«All kinds of censorship seem monstrosities to me,
something rather worse than murder.
Any attack on thoughts
is a crime against the soul»


  Gustave Flaubert
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Author: António Pedro Dores e José Preto
ISBN: 978-989-8325-32-7
Published: April/2013


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Change Behaviors - for the sake of our future

Author: Fernando Silva e Sousa
ISBN: 978-989-8325-30-3
Published: December/2012


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"Change Behaviors - for the sake of our future" is the book that we were missing. It’s a deep reflection on past mistakes and on the choices that were made. A change of mindset is the first step to get out of the crisis.


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